The Flax plant is the source of the amazing and versatile fiber used to make 100% pure linen fabric!

Pure linen textiles are actually some of the oldest in the world, dating back to around 8,000 B.C. For centuries, pure linen has been a royal luxury. Unfortunately, the cotton revolution replaced pure linen with cotton-made fabrics for purposes of mass distribution, as cotton is easier to produce, both in terms of time and money. As such, cotton and polyester bedding have become more accessible to the public.

Today, few are aware of the existence of the pure linen bedding that you have just discovered! Lustrous texture, absorbency, and long-term durability are merely a few of the advantages of choosing pure linen. According to scientists, not only is linen bedding ecologically friendly, it is also antistatic – which explains why it remains cleaner for longer periods of time, doesn’t cling to the body, and isn’t easily wrinkled. It’s insulating in the winter and cooling in the summer - relieving the skin of excessive heat when body temperature rises to an uncomfortable level. At times like this, linen bed sheets will make it seem as though the temperature has dropped by 4 or 5 degrees Celsius. Unlike cotton bedding, which yellows with time, linen bedding is prone to become whiter the more that it’s put to use!

The unique structure of linen fiber allows air to pass freely through the fabric, providing for its high hygroscopicity – the capacity to react readily to moisture content by quickly absorbing or releasing water vapor. Owing to the fabric’s ability to “breathe,” it will prevent those nights of restlessness and discomfort the heat causes by reducing your body temperature up to 4 and 5 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile in the wintertime, it will keep you warm and cozy. What’s more is that flax linen bedding has often been credited with the powers of positive energy, an addition that will enhance your sleeping experience and render the night a peaceful, pleasant, and undisturbed time of relaxation. In order to receive a daily micro-massage of the entire organism, all you have to do is rest on our luxuriously soft-feeling pure linen sheets. The rigid structure of the fabric influences the skin favorably and improves the blood circulation of the smallest capillaries at the cellular level – all of which delays the process of cell aging. 

On the “benefits” page you can discover further information regarding how 100% pure linen can favorably affect your health.