The Health Benefits of Pure Flax Linen Products

Great for Sensitive Skin 

According to scientists, not only is linen bedding ecologically friendly, it is also antistatic – which explains why it remains cleaner for longer periods of time, doesn’t cling to the body, and isn’t easily wrinkled. It insulates in the winter and cools in the summer, and relieves the skin of excessive heat when body temperature rises to an uncomfortable level. At times like this, linen bed sheets will make it seem as though the temperature has dropped by 4 or 5 degrees Celsius. Unlike cotton bedding, which yellows with time, linen bedding is prone to become whiter the more that it’s put to use!

Doctors recommend that those people who have problematic or hypersensitive skin, suffer from dermatological disorders, have allergies, or are asthmatics sleep on white linen bedding. The advantages of linen are innumerable – another one of which is that resting on linen bed sheets will ease the pain and discomfort caused by sunburns.

Decreased Radiation

It’s no secret that houses collect a radioactive gas called radon, especially after the installation of tight plastic windows. Radon is formed at the disintegration of uranium, contained in the ground as well as building materials. There are only two ways to be protected from the harmful effects of this gas: the first alternative is to keep your windows open at all times and the other is to sleep on linen bedding. The latter curtails the levels of radiation over two-fold and cuts the impact of gamma-radiation in half. 

Reduced Sensitivity to Catarrhal Diseases

Each person’s greatest concern is health and this becomes more so the case as we age. Unfortunately, not everyone is informed about the innumerable health benefits of 100% pure flax linen bedding. The latest research conducted by modern scientists has confirmed yet another advantage of choosing pure linen sheets, indicating that daily contact with linen reduces one’s susceptibility to catarrhal diseases. Such constant contact between the human body and linen fabrics promotes an increase in the blood content’s levels of immunoglobulin A – which, in turn, protects the mucous membranes of the mouth, respiratory tract, and digestive path from microbes and viruses. A deficiency of this element subjects our internal organs, the liver and heart among these, to higher risks of acquiring diseases. This may help explain the popular service offered by leading European Spas of wrapping the body with a damp pure linen fabric – a procedure that is believed to cleanse the organism of slags, revitalize the skin, and produce an overall net healing effect on the body.

Medicinal Uses of Flax Linen

Flax is a naturally grown product widely used for modern medicinal purposes. In one such application, strings of flax are used prior to the placement of internal sutures during surgical operations. These strings, then, gradually dissolve within the organism. Pure linen also destroys bad odors. For example, linen insoles absorb surpluses of moisture in the internal surfaces of footwear, a feature that serves to suppress harmful microorganisms, bacteria, and fungi – which, if allowed to develop, would produce unpleasant odors. Further, recent studies have also demonstrated that female fertility is significantly increased on pure linen sheets, bolstering the chance of conception considerably.